Watch me learn Blender

After 20+ years working in 2D I dived headfirst in the world of 3D and chose Blender as my main driver.
My goal is to make cool art with cool artwork for animation, theme or gaming industry.
On this page you follow my progress, starting from level 0 🙈

March 2022 – My first Blender render

Off course, the famous Blender donut. If you don’t go for the Donut Tutorial to start your 3D career, you are not taking it seriously! Right!?


To be fair, I hade no clue what i was doing. Just following the tutorial, bit by bit. My conclusion: This is not a beginner tutorial at all! I am super happy with the result. Blender is a awesome program!

my first blender render

my first blender render

March 2022 – Partical system is interesting

After playing around with all kind of tools and lurking in 30+ tutorials, I can fit some pieces of the Blender puzzle. Still, it s a very steep learning curve!

The particle system is very interesting. Placing random grass, plants, flowers, etc. My first mission is to create my own outdoor nature render in the near future. Progress is made!

April 2022 – Simple blocks and scene with fog

Having so much fun learning Blender. Following all kind of tutorials. Created this simple scene but learning so much. Specially the fog is fun to play with.

My first scene

April 2022 – My first custom created nature props!

For my first real scene, I want to create all kind of props to push me learning Blender. I can download free ready to go props, but that is the easy way.  I am very happy with the set nature assets custom made! Experimenting with painting shapes in Photoshop and using this in Blender to make them 3D, and still having that illustration vibe! Much to learn!

May 2022 – Getting serious with shading!

Not that I want to go for realistic, but damm.. playing with shaders is so awesome. Learning so much about all the nodes. Still tricky at the node part. I see spiderweb configurations I dont understand. These two renders where fun to create. It is not only the shaders. It is also manipulation the shapes with extrude, inserts, etc, etc. Looking back, i see progress!